Things you need to know

General Important Notes:

What is unique about our property and our accommodation styles is that we have all the amenities of the modern world but in a beautiful tranquil rustic setting.



Cottages come with full bathroom facilities, small kitchens and comfortable furnishings.

Bunk Pods have ten single rooms per Pod with their own sink and share the bathroom with another single room.

Each bed comes with sheets, a light cover and covered pillow. As our units are not air conditioned and it is our summer time you may feel this is all you need, however if you require more blankets just let us know.

Each cottage and bunk Pods have a small supply of dishes, glasses and cooking utensils.  If there is anything in particular you are needing you just need to talk with the managers or chef.  We would appreciate guests bringing back to the dining hall any items they take back to their cottages, so they can be washed and ready for the next dining service. 


We have been working with some of the locals to help us provide you with some fun activities or we like to call them adventures.  So look at our reservation page and see if any of those activities suit you.  The activities or adventures need to be booked in advance we can not guarantee they will be able without reserving.  Some of the activities will be coming to our property on specific days and if not book then there may no room to accommodate you or your family. Please visit the Activities Page.

ATV’s / Off-road Vehicles

We do not allow these types of vehicles on the property.  Our road systems are not designed for this type of vehicle and in the upper part of our property there will be logging trucks and these two types of vehicles do not do well together.


There are several BBQ’s on the property and these are for the use of our Staff during the months of April to September.


Mooring, we have our own dock which is used for our incoming float planes and for picking up and dropping off passengers from water taxis or when they return from activities.  This means that we have no space for any boat to moor using our dock.

We have a boat slip that is used for bringing larger items to the property by barge, but no facility for bringing any boat up onto the shore of our property.

Mooring any boat in the channel is very dangerous as there is lots of activity with barges going up and down the channel.


We have lots of available land but at this time we do not have it set up for camping, but if you have children that would like to camp outside, we can look at how we can accommodate them.

Cell Phones

Our communication on the property is through a satellite dish and this means that the signal reception can sometimes be intermittent, and is not available on all the property.  You may not be able to use your cell phone unless it is an IPhone but you should be able to receive email and use your internet browser.


No fire other than ones that are started by our staff and in our designated containers or certain areas may be lite.  When there is a fire ban on, we respect that and will not have fires during those times.

Food & Meals

During our regular season April to September we have a chef that will prepare three meals and snacks per day.  We have juices, iced tea and some mixed fruit drinks.  You can bring your own beverages as there are fridges in each of our units.

We will try to accommodate any food preferences that we can so please let us know in advance.  Our food is ordered in advance due to our remote location.  We will strive to have or use as much fresh local food as we can, this means eating good food that is in season.  Parents can be assured that we will make every effort to give wholesome snacks as much as possible.  Yes, we will have desserts but there will be lots of options.  We will not have chocolate bars or bags of chips etc as we believe that if you wish to consume them or have your family consume them, then you should bring what you know they will eat.  Ice cream again is limited to the quantity that we order and when we run out then we have to wait for our next order, but I am sure there will be lots of choices for everyone.

If you are doing any tours please talk with the Chef, who will be able to either make you a lunch or put together some snacks for your adventure.


If you catch a fish or other seafood and would like to have that cooked, then please make arrangements with our Chef.  If you’re a great BBQ person then I am sure he will be able to assist you with the tools to cook your catch on the BBQ.


Cans are placed in certain areas with bear proof protection. Please do not leave any food items unattended especially outside at night.  Leaving any food or drink anywhere will attract the wrong kind of critters.  Each cottage has their own garbage can and these will be emptied every other day, if you need it emptied more often, then just bring it down to the dining hall.  All garbage is placed in a safe area away from the camp site.


Being rustic does have some minor drawbacks like wifi and TV reception.  We have a wifi system that is run via a satellite dish and sometimes due to wear the reception can be a little spasmodic.  We do not have any TVs on the property but you are invited to bring your laptops, iPads or any other device for your personal enjoyment.  We have plenty of other activities that can be enjoyed in our recreation hall or stationed around the property.

Laundry Facilities

We have several washer and dryers but these are kept for the facilities use.  If you need to wash anything you should check with the Manager or our housekeeping staff.  We will have a clothes line set up that people can hang wet clothes up on and you may even see us hang some of our bed-linens out, everyone loves the smell of fresh hung linen.  We do try to minimize our laundry during our guests stay as when you leave it's very busy getting all the bedding changed.


We do suggest you bring a flashlight. Rooms have electric lighting, but hallways and outside areas may be dimly lit. Long summer days provide sunlight until well past 9:00 PM; by late August and September darkness comes earlier.


Like most places we want people to enjoy themselves, but ask that everyone respect that noise should be kept low after 10pm in the evening.  This especially means loud music.


is available in Sechelt and Egmont only for the duration of your stay.


Unfortunately we are not pet friendly not because we don’t love pets but because we would not want anything to happen to them.  Service animals are allowed under strict conditions.  Remember we have wild animals on the property maybe not visible but they are there.


Drinking cans, water bottles, cardboard, plastic or other items that can be recycled that is not food, should be placed in the appropriate containers.  These containers are located behind the dining hall.  Basically, anything that comes into the property needs to be taken out.  We will be donating all drinking cans and bottles that are collected to a charity in the town of Sechelt at the end of season.


in cottages. We suggest that even though we are a remote location that all guests lock their cottages or rooms when they retire for the evening or leave their accommodation.  If you hear any animals outside in the evening DO NOT go outside, these animals can be dangerous.

Safety is always a concern when you are interacting with nature and our rustic location is full of natures animals especially once outside the main area.  Remember this is an isolated property that goes up beyond the hills that surround the property and our nature animal friends live up there.  You may see lots of deer and geese but again remember these are wild animal’s with very little contact with people, so do not assume they are friendly.  Other larger animals will be wondering around as well but maybe not visible.  If you want to walk the trails, you need to check in with the Manager and take a bell or take some bear spray and pay attention to where you are walking and always its good to make some noise.  Yes, we have black bear, big moose, cougars and other animals and they are wild.  Parents please make sure you know where your children are and let them play in an area where you can watch and see them.

Remember that we are a remote property and if any accidents do happen then it could be expensive to get you to any medical treatment centre.  All activities are done at the guests own caution and parents will need to be responsible for any children they have on the property.

Satellite Dish

We have a centrally located satellite dish that provides the property with a signal to be able to use access your phone, email or internet.

Skookumchuck Narrows

How lucky are we to be so close to one of the most beautiful pieces of water on the Sunshine Coast.  The Narrows can be view from our most northern part of the property and by walking along the beach farther along.  Its always fun watching the kayakers going through the Narrows and then trying to get back up them.


As we operate on a satellite dish, we do not provide TV’s in any of the accommodation and if you wish to watch movies or TV shows we suggest you bring a laptop up.  We find most people rather enjoy being away from the TV and once your down by the water, it’s the best view and there are always things happening on the water.


Our water comes from our own well here on the property and is safe to drink. There are two water coolers located in the main dining area and in the recreation hall.

Waste Disposal & Recycling

Except for compost, there are no garbage disposal services.

We are happy to share this property with you and would hope that you too will fall in love with it as much as we have.  We ask all of you to join us in being Stewards of this property and be mindful that no item should be left on the ground.  This means we can be sure that our water will not become full of the junk that is in other bodies of water, because it can’t get out down by Sechelt as that’s land locked, so it means it would stay floating around for a long time.

So if your are wandering around and see that someone has been careless and left something that will not decompose into the ground, then please pick it up and bring it back so that we can properly dispose of it.  Maybe no one will know you brought it back but you will and then you will know that this beautiful spot will be here for future generations.

These are just common-sense rules and our goal is for everyone to enjoy the property.  If for any reason you can not abide by the rules then we will be asking you to leave the property.  If you are asked to leave the property under these circumstances there will be no refund for the time that is left on your rental.