Please view the various activities we offer below, and use the form at the bottom for Water Adventures.


Recreation Hall

Our recreation hall has a pool table, dart board, air hockey, shuffle board table and a child’s playing area.

When guests would like to use these facilities, we ask that you treat them with respect, we do not want to have to ask guests to sign in and out for items to enjoy these games, but if you are found to abuse these items then you could be asked to leave the property.

There will be other outside games around the property that will be available for guests to use as well.

The child’s play area will have some toys and books and we all know children like playing with other children’s toys. If your child should take one home don’t fret but toys will only be replaced at the beginning of each season, so this will mean that other children won’t be able to enjoy them. If you want to purge some of your children’s toys and bring them up we would be very grateful.


We have a lot of acres that can be enjoyed for hikers, we just ask that you remember there are wild animals out there and they will not be friendly. You should check in before and when you return so our staff know. Remember,  your cell phone will not work away from the camp as our satellite dish has limited transmission capabilities. And don't forget to take a bear bell with you - available from the Main Kitchen - make sure the critters hear you coming.


Our location is just minutes away from great paddling opportunities whether you are a beginner or a seasoned kayaker you will be surrounded by beauty and breath-taking views. We are located across from Skookumchuck National Park, a short trip to Chatterton Falls or a quick trip to Egmont to see a quaint small town. No matter what activity you enjoy, you can return to your comfortable accommodation, rest by the water or down by the dock and enjoy a refreshing drink and wait to see what delicious foods will be offered up for diner.

Our kayak partner offers beginner to advanced kayak lessons, including Paddle Canada certified kayak courses. You can learn basic flatwater kayak skills or high performance white-water and tidal rapids sea kayaking. We offer kayak day trips (everyone welcome!) in one of the most spectacular settings on the Sunshine Coast. Don't forget to book these activities when you make your reservations!

Rock Climbing

We have some beautiful rocks around our property and if you are a rock climber, then you will know all about safety. If you do rock climb on the property you must bring all your own equipment and you must be a guest on the property. If any accident should happen you will be responsible for any transport costs to receive medical attention.